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2019 CRECT New Retail Summit Forum held in Chengdu

Release time:2019-10-28   Browse times:   source:Guangzhou Crect Holdings Group Co., Ltd Return list


Chengdu, October 24, 2019 – In order to accelerate the construction of industrial area in Chengdu and promote the development of new retail industry, CRECT Group has held 2019 CRECT New Retail Summit Forum in Chengdu.


The forum included four parts: investment environment promotion, industrial park launch ceremony, guests’ sharing and roundtable forum.


The grand ceremony attracted over 400 professionals from new retail industry. Senior Officers from Chengdu government, Mr. Pan Naiyue, Co-founder and Chairman of CRECT, Mr. Ye Guofu, Co-founder of CRECT and Chairman of MINISO, Mr. Zhang Yi, Co-founder of CRECT and Chairman of CHANGZHENG Group, and Mr. Zheng Lei, Chairman of Hanbon Group have participant the summit.


On the summit, Mr. Ma Guangyuan, one of China's leading economists and Mr. Zuo Weibo, CEO of CRECT gave speech about the future of China economy.


The Summit Forum had succeeded completion and it would help development of local new retail industry.



CRECT is the leading domestic provider of logistic facilities and services. It is jointly established and invested by MINISO, CHANGZHENG Group and HANBON Group. Our business operations cover investment, design, development, operation and management of industrial and logistics parks in China, with an expanding customer base consists of manufacturing, retail and logistics service sectors. Our national network will be expanded to 18 cities in 5 years with the total industrial and logistics assets portfolio reaching 3,000,000 sqm.

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